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Experiencing The Art Of Model Ship Construction

There are a lot of factors that come into play for the widely ranging types of hobbies that people enjoy. Whereas for some people putting a puzzle together is an extremely relaxing way to spend hours or days, for others, it drives them completely crazy because it is such tedious work. Other individuals can’t wait to put a brush to a canvas to paint things they imagine or see around them, yet others find it uninteresting because they are not artistic. Some people scrapbook, are large number play video games, and some like to garden. Just about any hobby takes a little time, effort, and dedication and when people who participate in that hobby are asked why they enjoy it or what the purpose is, chances are they may not even be able to say. People typically like the steps involved in putting together or collecting for their hobby, while others enjoy the race to the end to see the finished product of something they like. This is no different for people who enjoy building ship models. There is a lot detail, a lot of care, and a lot of historical work that goes into the effort of building any model and of course at the end of all the travail, the builder gets a wonderful model to keep and study.

At some point in their lives, any person who makes model ships first started with the toy model ships that many young people put together quite easily. These beginning efforts weed out those who don’t have the patience or the fine touch to move to the next level of models. The model they buy to work on will probably need even more attention to detail, a substantial amount of assembling and gluing and the correct kind of paint when the model has been put together. These are usually sold as kits with everything included and are based on very famous ships so that the builder can learn a little more about the history of the actual thing. It would be expected that these would once again weed out a great many of those who attempt these sorts of projects because they might find that they just do not take pleasure in the tedious work that goes into making it look really good.

There are people who will cultivate a passion for building model ships, and as they find out more about the hobby, go on to use superb attention to detail to create stunning models. At this stage, they might choose to purchase very complicated kits with thousands of scaled pieces that need to be sanded, glued, painted, and assembled and might take literally months if not years to assemble properly. Some enthusiasts may find themselves seeking out kits that others model builders have created or, at some point, try their hand at making a ship that is made entirely by their own hand. People who reach this level of building model ships may cut their own wooden pieces, cast their own tiny nails, sew authentic sails and weave tiny ropes to tie everything together. Builders have the choice of scrutinizing famous, historical ship plans to enable them to build a ship to scale, or perhaps they can see a ship in their own mind’s eye that has never been done before and they want to create it.

When enthusiasts get to this point in their hobby, it’s anyone’s guess as to what thing of beauty they will create next. They will have nearly priceless models of all sorts on display in glass cases in their home or might even donate them to museums that have displays based on the same historical period as the ships they have worked so very hard to create. While not everyone wants to spend time putting together a beauty of a ship model, but there are plenty more people who just enjoy appreciating the art that others create.

10 Things to Consider for a Fireworks Display

Fireworks are amazing. They are exciting. They bring joy and cheer; they put smiles on people’s faces. But before this can happen, there are a number of things to consider. First of all, you need to consider the venue. Where are you planning on hosting the party? Will the venue allow fireworks on their premises? Some places do not like fireworks. If it is your own home, that is great. The next thing to think about is area. Do you have enough space to have a display conducted there? With fireworks, there are various effects, and their burst diameters vary greatly. The heights they reach before the effect explodes into all its glory, is a factor we need to consider and allow for. Safety is of the utmost importance with specific minimum distances from the audience and homes and buildings to the firing point. Weather is another consideration. If the wind is blowing, the minimum clearance distance may have to be extended.

Therefore I have 10 things that you may want to consider before a fireworks display can be conducted.

1. Can a fireworks display be conducted at the premises?

2. Do you think there is enough safety distance available? The minimum is 40m from the firing point to the crowd or any other point in a circle around that central firing point.

3. What time would you like the fireworks display?

4. Allow plenty of time (i.e. 2 weeks minimum) to organise the display.

5. Contact a fireworks contractor to discuss your requirements.

6. Ensure the contractor is licensed and has insurance, and all permits have been submitted.

7. Let your neighbours know in advance so they can attend to animals.

8. Does the contractor have previous records to outline their experience?

9. Has security been organised to monitor the event?

10. Are any obstructions going to be in the area which would hinder setting up? For example, carnival rides, tents, marquees, trees, vehicles. These types of obstructions not only are a hazard but will prevent the display from being conducted.

This is just a small part of the requirements that are a “Need to Know” for a display to be conducted. But with all these items and more free and clear and of adequate safety, we hope you have the most amazing display. Aerial Pyro-Tech are fireworks Brisbane specialists whom will bring on the cheers and the thrills. It is always a pleasure to delight all audiences and leave them buzzing for more!

Pros and Cons of The 4 Types of 2D Animation

As you might know, there are different types of animation, and today I’m going to focus on the types of animation you can do in 2D. Frame-By-Frame, Rotoscoping, Cut Out Animation, And Rigged Characters with Inverse Kinematics.

1. Frame-by-Frame

This is also known as Classical Animation, Traditional Animation or Flip Animation. What you do here is pretty simple, you draw each frame. Ha! Simple, right? I know. But wait, there’s a way to do it. First, you have to know your frame rate, which in the next example will be 12 fps (frames per second), and for that we will have to do 12 drawings for one second.

How to do it: You can do this by having the correct timing of the movement. First, you need a sample (if you are animating a character jumping, then you need a video of someone jumping).

Once you have the video, there are many ways to calculate time and convert it into frames. My favorite is: Stop Motion Works Stopwatch (link at the end of this article). In my example it will be a 8 frame jump.

What you do is: You draw the key frames of the skeleton of your character, and then, you continue by drawing the in-between frames. Let’s make an example of a female jumping (only the action, that means, no anticipation and no aftermath, to keep this simple and friendly). You draw the starting pose (frame 1), then the character in mid-air (frame 5), and finally the landing posture (frame 9).

After you have those 3 drawings, you draw a the in-between frames. A drawing between starting pose (frame 1), mid-air pose (frame 5), and landing (frame 9). In other words, you draw frames 3 and 7. And finally, you draw the missing frames. Easy enough? After the skeleton is animated for all the frames, you add detail frame by frame, a little bit of body form, then a more detailed head on every frame, then the right arm on all the frames, and so on. You continue until you have a detailed character on every frame.

Pros: Your limit is your own imagination. Characters can do whatever you want, have any facial expression you want and any pose you can come up with.

Cons: Takes a lot of time. Animating 1 second can take a couple of hours.

2. Rotoscoping
Rotoscoping is another form of frame-by-frame animation. What you do is you take a piece of footage and import it into your favorite 2D animation software. Now, all you do is draw the silhouette of every frame. Then you substitute those drawings with some details that make up your character. Big nose? Long hair? Fat? Thin?

Pros: You work a bit faster, because you don’t have to draw the key frames and then the in-between, you just follow each frame; and the motion is very realistic, because you just follow the footage frame by frame.

Cons: Even though it can be a bit faster than Traditional Animation, you still need a lot of time to do it, because you have to draw every frame, and also, you start to get limitations: The character will only do what the person in the footage does.

If you need it to do something else than what you have in the footage, then you will have to switch to traditional animation, drawing the key frames first, then the in-between.

3. Cutout Animation

This kind of animation takes preparation. You take each angle of your character (front, sides and back) and you “cut” the character into its parts (hence the name Cut Out Animation). For example, if you were to animate the front side, then you would have the head in one layer, the arms, forehand and hands for each side in a different layer, and so on. This takes time to prepare, but the good thing is that you don’t have to draw each frame, you only prepare once and then you animate the character as if it was a puppet.

Pros: It’s way faster to animate, because you don’t have to draw each frame, you only draw your character and each facial expression once, and after the “puppet” is ready, you can start animating.

Cons: It can take a some time to prepare and the character is limited by the rig. That means, you can’t put her in any position you can imagine, only those you can achieve with the rig. Another disadvantage is that it’s not the fastest way to animate, because if you want to move his hand, then you need to rotate the shoulder, then the arm, then the forearm until you get the hand to the place you need.

4. Rigged Characters (using Inverse Kinematics)

This type of animation is the fastest to achieve. Software like Toon Boom or Animation Studio have a lot of tools that help you rig a character with inverse kinematics and automate facial expressions.

Inverse kinematics are the opposite of forward kinematics (used in Cut Out animation). In Cut Out animation, if you need the hand to be in a position, you have to rotate the shoulder, then forearm and so on. Inverse Kinematics let you click on the hand and move it to the position you want, and the positions and rotations of the shoulder, arm and forearm are automatically calculated by mathematical formulas.

Pros: You animate at top speed. With just a few clicks and drags.

Cons: It takes longer to prepare than the cut out animation, but cuts your working time exponentially. Another disadvantage is that you have limits, you can only do what the Rig allows you to. You can’t move the character into any position you can imagine, but only into those allowed by the rig.


You cannot have it all. You either have unlimited movement, but huge time investment, or you get limited movement with little time investment. These are the options you have. And for the record, Disney movies use frame by frame, but the shows you see on TV, because they are under schedule, they use a combination between Rigged Characters and Frame by Frame, depending on the shot they are working on.

My advice is, learn to do Frame-by-Frame animation and Rigged Characters, you need them both. But if time is a big issue, then you should definitely master Rigged Character Animation. You can find courses online.

How to Decorate Home for Bachelor Party

There are many ways that you can organize the bachelor party. It can be a night in the town, a trip to Vegas or a simple sit down at home. However, a lot of these parties begin at home and then move to the other places or simply stay there. In order to set the mood and to break the ice, you need to decorate the home for the bachelor party and make it an excellent place to have fun. Here are some ideas about how to do it.

Drinks This is an entirely separate thing when it comes to planning the bachelor party. It is very important that you have really good booze and not the cheapest and the boring kind. While booze is a part of service it also needs to be a part of the decoration and theme of the party. Therefore, if you are serving beer, make sure you have it on tap and that everybody has great and cool mugs to drink from. These can be rented out and they add a bar flavor to the party.

Food and Service Avoid having people sitting at the tables and tons of dishes for afterwards. Make it an open buffet and have the food everybody likes that goes well with the beer or any other sort of drinks you want to serve. Don’t be too complicated about it, because a great big pile of amazing sandwiches or pizzas will be decorative in a ‘guys’ kind of way’ and it will actually be just what they want and need. Nobody will pay attention to exquisite food, especially if you are having some adult entertainment coming over later that night.

Entertainment Unless it is a house, home is too small for a band. However, if you have a yard, a cool local band is a good idea if you are having a lot of people over. With beer kegs and sandwich piles, they would make the home look awesome and cool. On the other hand, you can also make a poker corner and rent out some cool games like vintage video game machines, table soccer, darts and many more. They will definitely add to the ‘guys’ heaven’ touch of the party.

Decorations Here is where you can really go wild. Just make sure that they don’t clutter the place and allow people to move around it. You can go and check out the adult stores for some sexy and fun decorations. In that purpose, you can go with using condoms instead of the balloons or having candies in the shape of boobs. Go online for more ideas options from the adult stores. On the other hand, you can also make some banners with your buddies that can be fun and entertaining. Don’t go over the top with the decorations as they will be soon forgot if the entertainment is good.

The first and the most important part of the bachelor party is the mood. As the best man, brother and the organizer of such a thing, you need to make sure that everything is great. The decorations can set the mood and be excellent ice breakers, as everybody will have a laugh at a cool banner or condoms used instead of the balloons. That is why you need to put some thought into that, as well as the budget. Plan it out so that you know the priorities and make the most of the money you have for the decorations as a lot of it can be done in a DIY fashion with the help of other guys.

Backing Tracks For Musicians

If you have played in a band or with other musicians you will know that there is no better buzz than when you play a song as a group and it just comes together and sounds just as good as the original.

However, most singers and musicians will tell you that this comes at a price, as to be able to experience this musical high, you have to find musicians to make up your band, which is far easier said than done, when you take into account that ideally you have to live reasonably close to each other, like the same music, be at a similar skill level, and of course be able to get on together.

Sounds easy enough, but if you live in a remote area, where there is not an abundance of musicians, this can become a mammoth task which will often lead to frustration and disappointment.

If you can’t find musicians in your area and still want the sound and feel of playing with other musicians you could consider using a backing track as there are many to be found on the internet nowadays.
There are literally thousands of jam tracks as they are known that are basically chord progressions of music repeated over and over so that you can practice improvising your guitar solo’s too.

Whilst these are great practice aids to help with your improvisation skills, when learning a new song it can be very beneficial to practice playing along to a backing track of that song before you meet up with the band for live rehearsals, or to just play along to if you are not in a band.

A great form of backing track to play along to is one which includes vocals, as many available online do not give this option and you find yourself having to sing along in your head so that you don’t loose your place in the song, not so good if you can’t sing and want to truly focus on your playing.

Try using a backing track that contains vocals and see how much easier it is to just concentrate on your playing, which will help you to develop your technique and sense of timing, and is much more fun.

Also there are now recordings in a multitrack format which are basically the studio masters of a song and are much like a backing track, but much more versatile as they include every instrument and vocal of the song and can be played in any music editing software, which also then gives you complete control over every element of the song.

For example, if you wanted to learn a particular guitar part, you could simply mute all of the other instruments in the song to isolate the guitar part that you want to learn and then use your music editors functions to slow the guitar track down, or loop a section of it so that it repeats over and over so that you can hear exactly what notes are being played by the guitar.

This particular type of backing track has become very popular with music teachers as the multitracks are so versatile and are ideal for helping to teach guitar, bass, or drums, as you can isolate any instrument and any part of a song enabling you to get a better understanding of how it is played.

If you enjoy playing guitar, bass, or drums, it is certainly worth checking out backing tracks, or a multitrack that gives you the option to have vocals included in the song as it makes the whole experience of playing much more enjoyable.

How to Find a Job Testing Video Games

Anyone who enjoys gaming will certainly love to have the opportunity to get paid to try out their favorite game titles. This article describes basic steps to help you secure a job in the field. There are a number of important things to keep in mind when looking for employment as a video game tester. These ideas can help you steer clear of ripoffs in addition to comprehending the work and pay made by testers.

Exactly where can I search for job postings?

Prospective game testers should keep in view that more and more opportunities are available in larger metropolitan areas, yet there are numerous openings that don’t require you to reside in a certain location.

Can I actually make money?

The job is often tiresome since video game designers want the testers to locate any glitches that may exist in the software while the game is in the beta phase. They want somebody who has an attention to fine detail and who has the perseverance to find issues in the software.

Are these jobs all frauds?

The primary tip to avert being scammed when looking for work as a game tester would be to check the credibility of the organization that is employing you. You don’t need to pay anything to act as a video game tester. You are being hired as an employee, so the hiring organization shouldn’t ask you for any cash in order to get started with work. If perhaps a business is wanting you to pay for a job then it’s most likely a con.

So what does a game tester do from home?

Beta testers are looking for problems in the game’s software. Testing is oftentimes done just before the game is actually completed although the software is yet in the beta stage. Testers are required to do repetitive moves in a game to ascertain if it may cause the game to freeze or have other glitches. Furthermore, the creator will want things tried in the game that are not meant to get completed in order to find out how the program responds.

What It Is Like At A Los Angeles Music Camp

Some people contemplate if living in Los Angeles helps you to become a star. Might be helpful if you did live in an area well populated with producers and directors. You might be discovered while walking down the road or shopping at the supermarket. But let’s say you are a teenage guitar hero living in Kansas? It is entirely possible to see what it is like to be a celebrity in the music industry by going to a music camp in Los Angeles.

Lots of options can be found in a big city like Los Angeles who boasts a thriving entertainment community. A superstar music workshop isn’t just going to be your average summer band camp experience. Don’t expect to see clarinets and funny outfits. Typically you can anticipate a mix of education and a whole lot of fun while performing with other students.

A music camp in Los Angeles will provide you plenty of new skills to master which is one of the reasons students like it so much. Working together with other students or instructors who may have experience in the music industry can provide valuable information on how to do things differently than you may have been doing them at home. Seeing how others perform provides you with an opportunity to try out some of their techniques for yourself. Whether you decide to go solo or decide working in a band with a group of kids your age will allow you to see what works well for you along with what doesn’t. One way or another you’re in the position to implement new styles and techniques.

Your music camp instructor can give you tips on improving your stage presence. As you perform, maybe other students can offer you positive feedback. While you’re learning how to give great live performances and appear more at ease with your performance, your stage presence will almost certainly improve on a daily basis. You will be able to try out different looks and styles where you’re able to see how you come across to the audience while you are on stage.

Singing instruction may be offered at your music camp. Look for a program which offers singing instruction should you want to be a lead singer in a band eventually. Song writing skills could benefit singers and songwriter’s alike, as the two often interact with each other to make a song into a hit record. Because it is likely you will need to know how to play along while a singer is performing, even if you’re not a singer or songwriter, you could be still curious about the entire process from beginning to end.

Music camp may also enable you to make a video as one of the more fun activities offered to campers. Seeing yourself on camera can be fascinating! Seeing yourself on videotape can allow you to modify or adjust your stage presence since it gives you insight to what others see while your performing. Music camp can additionally offer you the chance to work behind the scenes with lighting and sound where you’re allowed to learn all the elements required for a spectacular performance. You could be given the opportunity to create a music video in which YOU are the star.

Try out a music camp in Los Angeles if you’re looking for musical instruction with lots of fun included. Do your homework and explore rock and roll camps, singing and song writing camps, and performance camps to find one that is right for you. While your friends are away at some other camp, why not go learn and cultivate your skills with other rising music superstars.

Making A Great Demo With A Recording Studio

If you are serious about a career in music, whether it be singing in a band or playing a musical instrument, you need to make a professional demo CD in a recording studio. Making your own demo on your computer won’t being as professional or of good sound quality as a more respected recording studio with much better equipment. The acoustics are better, the tools utilized is usually state of the art, and you have the expertise of a producer or engineer to assist improve the sound quality of your demo.

Checking with many studios when looking for a location to record your own demo will benefit you tremendously. Many things are very important but cost is not everything. You want to be sure you find a studio that’s using up-to-date recording equipment, software and programs. Check out a few different recording studios and request a copy of a CD they’ve created. Compare the demo to other CD’s on your own stereo system. Does it seem professional? Is the CD of excellent quality? Are the instruments and vocals clear? Most essential is the quality of the demo in which you would be giving to talent scouts or agents be described as a perfect representation of your music.

For those who have friends who are in music or if perhaps you network with other musicians, find out where they’ve recorded before. You may want to listen to their CD’s and compare them to professional top quality CD’s. Learn what they thought of the studio and if they liked recording there. Another critical thing besides quality is the way you connect with the staff and the producer or engineer. You would want to be relaxed working together with the staff since you will be working closely together. The main focus for them ought to be how your CD is going to sound. They really should not tell you how to sing or play your instrument; they ought to be more concerned about the caliber of your demo. Your sound should be as clear and professional as possible using the tools and technique they use. A producer or engineer needs to be nice and easy to work with and also patient. This can certainly have you feeling more comfortable in the recording studio and you’ll be able to give your very best performance for your demo.

As soon as your demo is completed then mailing the CD out to talent scouts, record labels and agents is next. Many artists and music artists get their start by playing in cafes or clubs, so it is smart to give your demo to those types of locations as well. Submitting your CD to various music venues or local expos for possible performance opportunities in the future.

Finding a studio best for you is only one step in this process. When it comes to a career in music, you need to be persistent. Not everyone will call you back when you provide them with your demo. Keep networking within the music industry and keep learning all you should know about being a great artist or musician and at some point your dreams will come true.

Experience A Newcomer Will Have Inside the Recording Studio.

Recording studios are the perfect place if you need to record an album or lay down a track for any CD. Performing for friends in your own home is very different than singing in a professional recording studio. There are some things to know before you go in the studio. Any skilled recording artist understands how to give their very best performance inside the studio.

One of the things you should have is a really good ear. You need to focus on your pitch and sound inside the studio because it will sound a lot different to you than when you sing to yourself in the car or in the shower. You use different mics and headsets that will allow you to hear yourself in an entirely different way. Recording in a studio might take some getting used to unless your familiar with the process. Ensure the producer or engineer you are working with is patient so you can get the proper vocals and pitch down for the demo. Being too close to the microphone will effect the sound you hear. Backing up from the microphone a bit could help when your perhaps hearing your ‘p’s” popping as well as your “s’s” hissing.

You should act professional and courteous when you go to recording studios. Be prepared to go and make sure you show on time. In case someone would want to hear your music, be sure to carry a CD of your respective music around with you. You never know who could be hanging out in a recording studio and if you’ve got something they are able to take with them, that’s always a good thing. If you are a beginner to the business, don’t concern yourself with being inexperienced. While in the studio your producer and engineer will be able to assist you to feel comfortable.

Take a look at several recording studios before selecting where to record. The studio who’s got great sound quality and recording done in a professional manner will need to be found. Ask what kinds of sound and recording equipment they use and ask to listen to some recent recordings. High quality and clear sound should be found on the recording itself. If it sounds like they recorded in a closet, you might want to locate somewhere else to record your demo.

Ask other artists you know or network with musicians when looking for a recording studio for your own benefit, where they had theirs done. You can always ask to hear their personal demo CD. You might like to compare it with professional, top quality CDs. If you like what you hear, you might want to give that particular recording studio a call. Delivering a high quality product along with reasonable pricing are very important factors to consider. The better your CD sounds, the more inclined agents and talent scouts will be to listen to it.

Making your demo in a recording studio can make all the difference in how you sound. If you are seriously interested in becoming a vocalist or music performer, check out some recording studios that can help you make a great demo.